[TheThinkTank] Minors in the shop and general shop rules

Urban Bike Project of Wilmington, Inc. urbanbikeproject at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 10:32:04 PDT 2007

Hey from Delaware! Just a couple questions for those with established
shops....we will soon be moving out of my living room and are trying to
learn from all your hard earned experience (the wiki has been great too).

1. How do you deal with minors in the shop?  Do you have permission slips
they need to get signed or require a parent/guardian to come with them
before a bike can be worked on?  These are currently our main "customers"
and there is no way i'd turn away a kid with broken brakes because he didn't
have a slip signed.  I just want to make sure we keep everything kosher

2. Could you share your general shop rules so we have a starting point?
Stuff like no profane language, be respectful, no tools outside....that sort
of thing.

Thanks err'body!

Urban Bike Project of Wilmington

Visit us online at http://urbanbikeproject.org
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