[TheThinkTank] Proposed Bicycle Frame Building Collective in Denver

Jennifer Nordhem jen at milehighmess.com
Mon Sep 29 19:46:16 PDT 2008

Gary, do you mind if I post this on CycleJerks.com? 
If you want, you can rearrange your proposal.  I think
this is great and I would love to share it with our

Jen Nordhem

--- burdenistic at gmail.com wrote:

> To whom it may concern:
> My fellow cyclists,
>      I am proposing to all who would be interested
> the development of a
> bicycle frame building collective in Denver. I have
> long been interested in
> building frames and my recent trip to Bike!Bike! in
> San Francisco has moved
> me from thought to action. I was able to participate
> in a short but
> excellent frame building seminar given by Josh from
> Bike Church in Santa
> Cruz. Josh has built some very lovely and functional
> frames using steel
> tubing. One of the frames Josh built is used to
> viably haul things, like his
> black Labrador Retriever.
>      I believe in the bicycle. I believe that
> individuals who travel by
> their own power are quietly doing the best work for
> our environment and our
> planet. Could there not be a collective that used
> old bikes to make new and
> more effective bikes to move people and goods?
>      My intent is as follows:  Invite all interested
> to a meeting at to get
> an idea what a collective for the purpose of
> building frames would mean. I
> am looking for feedback and input along the
> following lines:
>    1. What types of bikes could be made i.e. cargo
> bikes, touring bikes ,
>    city bikes?
>    2. What tools and materials would be needed to
> start?
>    3. Would this be a for profit or an non profit or
> a mixture of both?
>    4. What would our mission be in regard to the
> community and the needs of
>    the people around us? ie disadvantaged people
> learning a skill we could
>    teach them?
>    5. Could  viable bikes be created reusing some
> steel tubing from old
>    bikes?
>    6. What tools and materials are available to
> train ourselves and others
>    to build and repair frames?
>    7. Can building a bike for a specific practical
> purpose supersede buying
>    one because of labor issues and artisanship?
> Thanks,
> Gary E Burden
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