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Hi Think Tank,

As some of you may know, the Alliance has been trying to develop an
insurance package that fits the needs of community bike shops for a little
while now. We first tried working with McKay Insurance Company, but that
didn't end up working, and we are now in talks with Gales Creek Insurance
to try and create a program.

The folks at Gales Creek are interested in speaking with a few leaders of
shops to learn more about some of the past problems they've had with
acquiring insurance (they currently work with a few shops, but they said
there haven't been any large problems with writing those policies and are
interested in learning what some issues have been). These conversations
would NOT be sales pitches, they are an opportunity for Gales Creek to
learn more about the needs of community bike shops as we work together to
try and develop a package that fits the needs of shops.

If you are willing to speak with the folks at Gales Creek, please let me


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