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*Hi all,*

*Thanks for the BikeBike session on liability, that was helpful. *
*Here is the info that I promised to share: *

*Good provider contacts: *

Susan Smith, Beehive Insurance
ssmith at beehiveinsurance.com

Kyle Hatchett, Cambridge Insurance
khatchett at cambridgeinsurance.net

Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance <http://www.ani-rrg.org/>, Risk
Retention Group (ANI-RRG).

*Some terms to know (with explanations from Susan): *

Products/Completed Operations Aggregate Limit – This is a standard part of
the general liability policy, and does not always apply to every customer.
It is in reference to product defect, or completed operations. Produce
defect is pretty straightforward. An example of completed operations would
be something that has been built, such as a house. The liability extends to
the completed home, and the contractor’s liability for something that
happens after the home is completed.

41610 (Civic Association)- This is the main rating classification, and is
used for community service types of organizations. The exposure number is
based on your number of volunteers
10150 – Bicycle Stores – Sales and Service – This classification will pick
up the exposure for sale of donated bicycles. This class code is a
“payroll” based class code...if no payroll, they can use your annual budget
47474 – Schools – Trade or Vocational – This classification is for the bike
43424 – Exhibitions – (For bicycle valet?)

*Happy BikeBike & safe travels home! *
*Bella & co.*

Isabella Christensen & John Krueger (FCCBikeWorks)
502-558-3157 / 859-221-5329
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