[TheThinkTank] alcohol at shop - during meetings - pros and cons?

momoko saunders analyst at bikefarm.org
Wed Jul 30 14:26:03 PDT 2014

Hey all,

We at Bike Farm recently had a proposal to ban alcohol at our general
meetings. We already have a strict policy against alcohol during open shop

I'd love to know if other shops have policy around alcohol during meetings
or in the shop off hours. Do you have concrete examples of how this effects
the shop and it's patrons/volunteers?

For those who do not have alcohol, do you notice an difference in time
spent hanging out with other collective members, did it change the social
dynamic? How does it affect your volunteer pool?

For those who have alcohol, do you discuss it often? Do you think it adds
or deters from your collective? What is the role of alcohol?

The arguments in my mind seem to revolve around safer spaces and
regulation. I believe in having as little regulation as possible, but I
also respect the need for safer spaces. I wonder if there's a way to not
introduce policy while still making an inviting space for all.

Your thoughts and experiences would be appreciated!
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