[TheThinkTank] Using Freehub?

sylvia crum yuleoolu at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 16 14:06:09 PDT 2014

Hi All,
I just started trying to use Freehub to track our Shop's members. I thought that I had previously set up an account but wasn't allowed to log in. When I requested the email to reset my password, I received nothing.
So, I set up an new account with my personal email address. As I was adding members' info, I got a message in a banner at the top of the screen saying: Your account is pending activation. We've sent an activation email to y***@hotmail.com. Check that email account and your spam filter for the activation email.
I've checked and rechecked my hotmail account, but I also didn't receive that email. Any thoughts on what to do, and if there is a bug, any hope it will be fixed? I attempted to join GitHub, where it looked like I should report problems, but it is way too technical for me. 
If Freehub is not working, I'm also open to suggestions of other programs to use.
Sylvia CrumDirector Revolutions Bicycle CoOpMemphis, TN
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