[TheThinkTank] bikebike 2014 inventory discussion handout

Joshua Goran josh at ohiocitycycles.org
Wed Sep 3 11:22:55 PDT 2014

Will, all:

I've attached a copy of our "bike pricer," the low-tech algorithm that we
use to determine baseline pricing for our refurbished bikes. It is printed
on the opposite side of a sheet of paper along with the "BIKE WORKSHEET,"
which is the paper form that our mechanics fill out to document parts used
on a given bike. These forms have all the information I then use to enter
them into our inventory/POS system (QuickBooks POS, in our case - I would
probably use Lightspeed Cloud
<http://www.lightspeedretail.com/cloud/pos-system/>, formerly MerchantOS,
if I were starting from scratch and the organization could afford the fees
- automatic QBP syncing and no network issues as long as you have internet
is so helpful!).

I've also attached a sample of the tags which we attach to the bikes in the
showroom when they are put out for sale, which is generated by a
custom-formatted template in QBPOS.

Jim Sheehan, our director, originally designed our pricer and it has gone
through surprisingly few iterations over the years, but we have discussed
recently adding more additions and deductions for things like 700C wheels
(+), crappy canti brakes (-), micro-adjust seatpost (+), etc. I designed
the worksheet. Please feel free to copy and adapt, and please just credit
us if you re-share your adaptations and share-alike!

Hope these help! Please contact me directly if you would like the Excel
spreadsheet versions of these to edit.

*----------Joshua GoranAdministrator, Ohio City Bicycle Co-op*
1840 Columbus Rd
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
216 830 2667

On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 5:50 PM, William Wedler <wedler.w at freeridepgh.org>

> Hey everyone,
> Thanks for the great discussion at BikeBike on inventory. Attached is the
> handout that I had. I am also cc'ing this to the thinktank list.
> Please send this along to anybody else who may want to see the information.
> -Will
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