[TheThinkTank] Using Freehub?

Nikolai . nikolai at pedallers-arms.org
Wed Sep 17 12:48:39 PDT 2014


I've raised a github issue for you here
<https://github.com/asalant/freehub/issues/18>, I'll have a look at the
code soon but it probably requires access to the server (which I think only
Alon has).


On 16 September 2014 22:06, sylvia crum <yuleoolu at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I just started trying to use Freehub to track our Shop's members. I
> thought that I had previously set up an account but wasn't allowed to log
> in. When I requested the email to reset my password, I received nothing.
> So, I set up an new account with my personal email address. As I was
> adding members' info, I got a message in a banner at the top of the screen
> saying:
> Your account is pending activation. We've sent an activation email to y***@
> hotmail.com. Check that email account and your spam filter for the
> activation email.
> I've checked and rechecked my hotmail account, but I also didn't receive
> that email. Any thoughts on what to do, and if there is a bug, any hope it
> will be fixed? I attempted to join GitHub, where it looked like I should
> report problems, but it is way too technical for me.
> If Freehub is not working, I'm also open to suggestions of other programs
> to use.
> Thanks!
> Sylvia Crum
> Director
> Revolutions Bicycle CoOp
> Memphis, TN
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