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Thanks Ariel,
The verb for write is "ecrire, you're right !

for the documentation, I suggest that you take a look on our wiki and
website ( in french but google translate does it well ).

How does a typical US co-op looks like ?
 In France they mostly are NGOs run by volunteers and the big ones have one
or more employees...

Roman, Les Bikers

2015-05-11 11:35 GMT+08:00 Ariel C <ariel.climer at gmail.com>:

> Merci pour nous ecrir... Did I say that right? I forget the verb for
> "write". Welcome! Yeah! I love international collaboration! Thanks for
> sharing your information with us. Especially if you have resources of
> photos or diagrams that are better than ours or anything we lack, we would
> love to see that. We can always change the words on the diagrams. Hope all
> is well over there!
> -Ariel from Los Angeles
> On Sunday, May 10, 2015, BIKERS <bikers.insalyon at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> I am a new subscriber to this list from France.
>> I participate in a student bike co-op in Lyon ( we call them "atelier
>> velo associatif et solidaire") and just discovered that the american
>> network was allready well-structured.
>> In France we have a similar network:
>> association => https://www.heureux-cyclage.org/ (about 120 co-ops)
>> wiki => https://www.heureux-cyclage.org/
>> and map: https://www.heureux-cyclage.org/
>> When I found the Bike collectives website I noticed that none of the
>> american workshops was on our map and vice-versa, maybe it is time that we
>> all work together :)
>> I am really interested about BikeBike but Guadalajara is a bit expensive
>> to reach from the old continent !
>> Roman @ Les Bikers
>> https://www.heureux-cyclage.org/
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