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joshua mcdermott jmcdermott at usfca.edu
Wed May 20 19:02:34 PDT 2015

by fiscal agent do you mean you have a fiscal sponsor (NPO)?  You might 
want to check with them and see if you can be added to their policy 
since you are not formally organized.  Usually adding square feet to an 
existing policy does not hike the price much: even double the footage 
may only mean a 10 or 20% price increase.  If the free space you have is 
part of a larger collective etc.. you can also check with them.  For 
example, our community wood shop made a deal with the adjacent metal 
shop to be added to their insurance  (same building)- sharing the cost 
of a single insurance was much less than two separate policies covering 
the same areas.

On 5/20/15 6:20 PM, Abby Easterly wrote:
> Does anyone have advice on whether we need and how to acquire 
> insurance for a fledgling bike collective in Manchester, NH? We are 
> lucky to have free space and a fiscal agent, but we are not yet 
> formally organized and are wondering about insurance. Please advise! 
> Thank you, Abby
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