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Wed Nov 1 08:46:21 PST 2006

We would do well to get a pair of industrial chemical gloves. There are
several places in town that sell them. In the master plan, it would make
sense to hava cleaning room that vented out ala fume hood. There are also
several recyclable chemical cleaners as well, i'll try and follow up with
their names (blanking at the moment).


Eric (slc collective)

On 11/1/06, Jonathan Morrison <jonathan at slcbikecollective.org> wrote:
> What does everyone else do to wash parts?
> We have a one 10 gallon parts washer full of industrial solvent and we
> go through Nitrile gloves like nobody else.  It cleans great and fast,
> but that solvent smells, isn't good on the skin, and isn't fun to
> dispose of.
> We were thinking about getting an Aqueous Parts Washer, that heats up
> a Simple Green mixture.  Has anyone had any experience with these?
> If you create dealer login on ParkTool.com (only takes a second) you
> can browse their shop products.  The one we were looking at was the
> "APW-2 - Aqueous Parts Washer Floor Model"
> (
> http://www.parktool.com/images/products/productimages/spr_APW_2_200589_34760.jpg
> )
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