[TheThinkTank] Input on the anti-oppression workshop at BikeBike

baglady baglady at riseup.net
Wed Aug 1 12:08:30 PDT 2007

Heya BikeBike people

I'm helping put together the anti-oppression workshop for BikeBike,  
and Adele, the facilitator has asked for some conversation topics.   
Here is the workshop description:

Ally-building: Race, Gender, Class and Sexuality in the Biking Community
This workshop is designed to increase cross-cultural communication  
skills and foster "ally-building" as a strategy for building  
relationships across differences. Participants will address the  
operations of race, gender, class and sexuality within the biking  
community through a variety of interactive exercises, including one- 
on-one and group discussions. The session likewise promotes self- 
reflection on privileged and oppressed group memberships while  
focusing on how to be an ally.

Here's what I need from you:
stories!  Incidents that have occurred, problems you have  
encountered, challenges that have come up, and positive experiences  
too - around the topics or race, gender, class and sexuality.   
Stories of being a woman in a man's field, of being neither a woman  
or a man in a binary world, of working in low-income areas, etc.etc.etc.

The more input we get, the better this workshop will be.  Adele knows  
a lot about anti-oppression work, but not so much about what it is  
like to work in a community bike shop.  So share your knowledge so  
she can share hers!

thanks, see yinz in Pittsburgh soon!


P.S. please don't justt hit reply to this e-mail because it will go  
to everyone- instead reply to diba_26 at hotmail.com 

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