[TheThinkTank] More BikeBike Party Photos and Bike Collectives Stuff

Free Ride freeride at bike-pgh.org
Mon Aug 20 07:49:50 PDT 2007

Hey everyone, BikeBike's not over yet (for us at least).

Keeping with the momentum, we're just tying up the loose ends,  
locating all of the library bikes that were left scattered throughout  
the city, and spending these rainy days doing some data entry so that  
our good friends in the Bay Area will have an easier time next year.   

First the most important thing.....Brad of Urban Velo's SPANDEXXX  
party portraits are online!!!!!
They are super rad and are located here:  www.urbanvelo.org/ 

Second, i wrote a wrap-up article for UrbanVelo, a locally produced  
bike culture rag, and I invite everyone to use the forum to post  
stories about BikeBike, things that you found useful or interesting,  
impressions of Pittsburgh, loves lost and found, you name it.
A link to the article is here:  www.urbanvelo.org/bikebike

Lastly (and really the most important), save us some time and energy  
on the data entry tip and make California's job easier next year by  
posting your shop/project's contact info into the Bicycle Collective  
Network's (BCN) database.  It helps if you create a username so that  
after you enter it, and you need to change something like your  
address, you can edit the information yourself and not bother  
Jonathan in SLC.

This is located at www.bikecollectives.org and you just need to click  

Thank you all again!!  We had an amazing time!

free ride
pittsburgh, pa

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