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?hello bikebike,
?i'm sorry that i haven't written until now to tell you that i won't be able to make it. the office has been insane, i'm moving, blah blah blah excuses, i'm sorry. 
?wishing you all the BEST OF LUCK & BEST OF TIMES.
?hopefully i will get to pgh soon, and maybe even make it to the next spandex party. 
?hannae from CAT/ BBC
?the Coalition for Appropriate Transportation/ the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative
?in Bethlehem, PA.


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Helooooo Bike Bikers!!!
Only a few days left!!

If you sent in a registration form, and we haven't contacted you  
about housing, please contact me.  We tried to contact everybody, but  
i know some slipped through the cracks due to wrong phone numbers,  
bad handwriting, and just the overwhelming task of it all.  If you  
sent it in in the past few days, expect to be contacted today.

We will be at Free Ride Thursday nite from 6-10, and then at the  
conference at about 8 in the morning on friday, so you can check in  
there and find out more info.

Here is a completely incomplete list of things to bring to the  

-Spandex- There is a spandex themed party on Saturday Nite at Free  
Ride (serious)


-BRING A BIKE LOCK (even if you can't bring a bike)

-Helmet, blinkys (it gets dark on some streets)

-Tent if camping

-Merch from your shop for trading

-Blank t shirts for screening (we'll have a Bike Bike screen  
available-it looks nice)

-Short movie of your shop/town

-Print and digital photos of your shop- either on cd or jump drive,  
or compact flash card, especially if you have particularly crafty  
organization ideas

-Brochures, fliers, posters from your shop

-Paperwork/forms/manuals/etc. from your own shop that you might want  
to share

-Documentation of programs, budgets, curricula, etc

-Anything you've got really figured out that might be useful to share  
with others.

-Tips & tricks. We're going collect them all for a "shop  
organization" workshop

- Some cash to throw in to the Bike Bike Booty

We are so excited to meet everyone, it's like a family reunion, but fun!


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