[TheThinkTank] dealing with volunteers who have been really offensive?

Graham Stewart graham.stewart at winply.ca
Fri Aug 24 10:42:23 PDT 2007

We're sort of dealing with something similar like that right now though 
we aren't beyond finding a reasonable solution.  We considered getting 
an external mediator but instead are having someone familiar with but 
not closely involved in our collective try to moderate and come to a 
clear undertanding about expectations for behaviour and attitudes.


rachael spiewak wrote:

> does any shop have a process for dealing with volunteers who have 
> stepped far over the line?  to the point that the volunteer had to 
> take a break from the shop?  and then the volunteer wanted to come back?
> let's say that this volunteer, although a very dependable one, makes 
> other shop participants feel so uncomfortable that they avoid coming 
> to the shop when they know that this volunteer will be there.
> how do you reconcile your politics with your feelings when that 
> volunteer personally wronged you repeatedly in and outside of the shop?
> two wheels good,
> rachael
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