[TheThinkTank] dealing with volunteers who have been really offensive?

Andy Dyson andy at neighborhoodbikeworks.org
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Hi All,

I'd answer this by saying that it's clear that panhandling is seen as a 
problem at Simon's program.  I'd like to see this list be about us 
helping solve problems for each other rather than implying  expectations 
of a particular moral or political stance.   I'd rather hear you say "My 
program likes panhandlers because..."  because then you'd be 
enlightening me,   I dare say all of us have known people who have 
stolen bikes, and we all know how we knew they had stolen a bike.  I 
think it's OK for people to keep out thieves, and I'd go as far as to 
say that if we were to keep out someone who isn't a thief now and again 
it could still be best.  As Mr. Spock once said, "sometimes the needs of 
the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one."



Graham Stewart wrote:
> Two questions:  Why is panhandling a major problem?  How do you decide 
> if someone is a bike thief?
> Graham
> Simon Z wrote:
>> The major problems I have seen are sexual harassment, threats of 
>> violence, panhandling, theft from the shop or use of the shop by known 
>> bike thieves. None of these behaviors are tolerated and shop 
>> coordinators are free to remove and ban indefinitely anyone doing 
>> this. We try to keep a photographic record of these offenders to 
>> display in our shops.
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