[TheThinkTank] Trike needed for autistic youth (adult size)

rachael spiewak rachael at sopobikes.org
Wed Jan 31 08:34:09 PST 2007

Hello, friends!

A Sopo volunteer is in need of an adult-sized tricycle for his thirteen year
old son who is autistic.  He'd like for his son to be able to get in on the
fun of riding bikes, but an ordinary bicycle is a no go.  The family doesn't
have a lot of money to spend, so I'm writing to ask if there's anyone out
there with..
*a trike to donate,
*ideas about where to get a quality trike for cheap,
*and/or money to donate to the cause.
The trike doesn't need to be in great shape, since this volunteer is rather
handy.  All contributions to Sopo are tax deductible.

Additionally, we are working on a trike for another person who has a
disability, and we'd like to be able to continue to help out more folks in
need of alternative bicycles.  If you are interested in supporting Sopo in
this or if you have ideas about where to find resources to make this
sustainable, please let me know!

Love, Peace, and Bicycle Grease,
Sopo Bicycle Cooperative
Atlanta, GA
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