[TheThinkTank] Bike Bike 2008 Meeting

wind at riseup.net wind at riseup.net
Tue Oct 9 12:36:31 PDT 2007

Hey folks, thanks for responding to the initial email about Bike Bike 2008
So we are just a year away which gives us enough time to plan an amazing
conference/ skillshare/ festival!
Thank you to all of you who responded with the best times to meet. We will
be meeting on:

Sunday October 21
Potluck lunch at 1:00 pm
Meeting at 2:00 - 6:00 pm
Location TBA

I am considering a number of meeting locations in San Francisco right now,
the SFBC said we might be able to use their conference room (15th floor!).
Station 40 has also tentatively offered a space.
There is a show at the Bike Kitchen that night you are all welcome to stay
for.  Anyone travelling from out of town is welcome to stay at my house
the night before and after (Bus Stop House 2332 Fulton St. at Stanyan).

Meeting agenda (so far...)

What is Bike Bike? Check-ins from this year's conference
Where to hold Bike Bike 2008 , town and venue
Conference dates
Scope of next years conference
Who should we recruit to get involved?
Other interested community groups
What different organizations can bring to this conference

Anything else you want to add...

I'll email you all when I know the meeting location, call me with any
questions or if you have any ideas where to meet.
415 850 1584 or 415 752 0647

Thanx, Justin Valone

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