[TheThinkTank] Content Management Systems

Andrew Bushaw plan_9 at riseup.net
Wed Oct 10 12:03:42 PDT 2007

We have been using pbwiki.com (a free wiki, one login) for our  
organizing but are starting to feel the need for a tiered access  
control as well as for an actual website to send the public to. We  
have been contemplating getting a content management system such as  
"drupal" to serve both functions. I think the SLBC uses a similar CMS  
for their website and maybe others do to. How well does it work? Do  
regular folks have a difficult time using it? our ideal: public web  
page w/ donation links, a login page with a volunteer only section,  
then a section for core members only where we would keep fundraising  
info. Would like it to be easy to edit, with a wiki-like interface,  
preferably wysiwyg editors. Thanks, Andrew

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