[TheThinkTank] Wheel Holding

Bob Giordano mist at strans.org
Mon Oct 15 15:52:11 PDT 2007

no pics yet, but i'll describe: we hold wheels 3 ways: 1- a trapezoid made
of 2x4's, that has a hundred or so brake arms nailed to it, that holds
wheels nicely; 2- drop handle bars inserted into a chain link fence that
holds 2 wheels to the bar (no fasteners needed!); 3- brake arms (the long
arms only) holding wheels from the ceiling (i'd like to move away from #3
because of murphy's law and an eventual wheel coming down on someone).

> Boulder has a wheel problem, I'm guessing your bike> collective does too.
> Do you have too many wheels? How do you manage> them? We're about to
> recycle a bunch of good wheels that we don't have> room for. How can we
> put them to use?>> Help>>

Bob Giordano
Free Cycles Missoula

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