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Bobby Reginelli breginelli at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 10:26:49 PDT 2007

In most industries, the standard markup at retail is 50% or higher above 
your cost. Factor in buying the bike, and all the money you put towards 
it. Most retail stores actually mark up things 100% minimu  and this 
goes for everything from clothing to shampoo to booze. Don't short 
yourself just cause you're an alternative. Of course you'll have some 
cheapo stuff, but if you've got real nice older bikes, get an idea of 
what they're worth via bike chatrooms, forums, craigslist, ebay and the 
like and then do your thing. You should research what a bike's approx 
worth is before spending money on the upgrades so you'll know if 
upgrading is worth it or not. Many bikes are probably worth their cash 
simply put together, let the customer pay for the upgrades.

Just my 3 cents


Bobby Reginelli

breginelli at gmail.com

Liza Mattana wrote:
> if this has been answered before, can you link me to the archive thread?
>    my questions is how does your org price used bikes? we've come across
>    some nice older bikes (bridgestone CB-0 and an old stumpjumper), and
>    we're trying to figure out a way to price them, kind of a way to
>    standardize the process.
>    we'll be turning them into commuter bikes with fenders and racks and
>    making them safe and rideable, but we're not doing complete overhauls. i
>    know this is a tricky question, but any advice you have will be
>    helpful!
>    thanks,
>    liza

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