[TheThinkTank] foundation site visit .. protocol and communication?

rachael spiewak rachael at sopobikes.org
Fri Oct 19 04:44:45 PDT 2007

hi, friends.

things at sopo have been on the massive up and up since bikebike!, so thanks
to y'all for making us take off our training wheels (haha?).  anyhow, we've
made it to the site visit round in the grant application process for the fund
for southern communities <http://www.fundforsouth.org/>.  i pitched sopo
this way:
we're a group of young people, students, and low income folks harmed by an
environmental/transportation injustice, and we're organizing to create
institutional change by building a community and constituency of people who
are making alt. transportation accessible to ourselves and beyond by
operating a community bicycle repair shop... which leads into changing
material culture and affecting landuse policy.  got all that?

so the idea is to have a really high turn out during the visit (which is
happening during regularly scheduled shop hours), including all of our young
folks, and hopefully one of our politician friends.

what i'd like to know is..
is there anything special we should do to prepare?  am i allowed to post on
our email list or on myspace that this is happening?  is this the kind of
thing you write a press release about?  how do i handle communication about
it?  how do we get the word out in a professional kind of way?

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