[TheThinkTank] HELP! non-profit/insurance questions

danny wood rocknroll lazer abortone at graffiti.net
Tue Oct 23 21:34:09 PDT 2007

i am a collective member of Krank It Up! in tallahassee, florida, and we're negotiating some possibly big (and possibly very rash and uninformed) changes.  
i have some questions for the listserve- 
1) are there any other collective/community bike shops that have ever decided against going official nonprofit 501c3, or decided to put it off?
2) have there EVER been ANY community bike shops that have ever been sued by an injured cyclist or their family/insurance company, perhaps for allowing people to build janky bikes?  has anyone ever heard of any bike shop at all (even traditional, for-profit ones) being sued for a customer getting hurt while out riding?  

my guess is that the answer to 2 is no; my hope is that the answer to 1 is yes.  

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