[TheThinkTank] Youth EAB program documentation

Edward France edfrance at bicicentro.org
Wed Oct 31 11:21:49 PDT 2007

Hey Friends,
           We in Santa Barbara are already in over our head with our youth
program, which is part 'trips for kids' style and part youth Earn-A-Bike.
We're trying to write out a program guideline for our instructors (and
funders?) and would super duper appreciate any program materials (like word
docs or pdf's) from you' alls programs. I know there has already been a lot
of good discussion on the think tank, and more documentation -especially
formal documents- will help even more.

One example of what we're looking for is the SLCBC EAB application :

Any others for us to contrast, compare, and cannibalize?


Ed France
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