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Taylor tpowell at txstate.edu
Wed Oct 31 17:12:11 PDT 2007

>> recycled as metal scrap (and now that our local MEC store takes our
>> dead tires for recycling our garbage now is mainly old seats and
>> other plastic bits).

that's a question for you guys... what do you do with your old dry  
tires?  We can't find anyone that will take them in baltimore.  I found
one place that would charge a dollar a pound to  recycle them, obviously
not an option for us.......

Any ideas about who to talk to and what to do with them if not?  The  
reuse idea I've had is to make potts out of them which would be time
consuming, and only use afew......

Velocipede Bike Project
Baltimore, MD

RE"CYCLING" , etc.

Hello Beth and others,

Our ethos at our shop is to recycle EVERYTHING! So besides the  
usuals, glass, cans, paper
and cardboard we make an effort to separate and recycle aluminum  
(unusable walmart frames) and steel (most
bolts, etc.) and patch all our tubes (gives mundane but fun work for  
those volunteers who dont know much
about fixing bikes but want to help the shop, we also have the  
occasional "tubular tuesday" were we
all sit down with a beer and patch tubes like crazy) and give them  
away for free.

I also started to make wind chimes out of used, unusable chainrings,  
short cables, stems and bent
handlebars (aluminum = better sound).
They aren't the best sounding windchimes, but they are damn cool and  
use 100% recycled parts.
Try it out and send me a picture if it works!


An idea I had to use the extra tires we discard is to keep them,  
shred them
(something like a wood chipper) then make them into floor mats. I  
would like to think
a good glaze glue would do the trick, but I HAVE NOT tried this out  
yet (we are super
busy, just like every other community bike shop). Its not much help,  
but its an idea! I will
test this theory out and try it soon, if someone beats me to it, let  
me know!

taylorpow at gmail.com

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