[TheThinkTank] Help!! Community Cycles has a Wheel Problem

Bruce Lien bikedadlien at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 11 15:32:04 PDT 2007

Rich:  We experience this as well with Recycle Bicycles here in Denver.  However, if you have good rear 26" MTB wheels it seems we can always use those.  Let me know if these are some of those soon to be recycled wheels and we can make arrangements.  Thanks, Bruce  P.S.  Derailers might be in need of wheels.  You might contact those guys if they are not on this group mailing list.  Take care.

Rich Points <rich at richpoints.com> wrote: Collectives,
Community Cycles in Boulder has a wheel problem, I'm guessing your bike 
collective does too.  Do you have too many wheels?  How do you manage 
them?  We're about to recycle a bunch of good wheels that we don't have 
room for.  How can we put them to use?


Rich Points
Community Cycles Director
Rich at CommunityCycles.org

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