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Hey, Andalusia et al

You're welcome to our video of our human-powered move of our satellite shop
last February.  It's on the home page of our website (

Have fun!


On 10/15/07, Andalusia Knoll <andalalucha at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello bike lovers,
> So this is a little last minute but Times-Up in NYC is having an
> event/movie night about bike bike! and the bike collective network.  It
> would be great to show all the little news blips, mini documentaries, arty
> bike shop movies that have been made about your shop.  Kinda like what we
> did the friday night at bike bike under that wonderful bridge.  The only
> problem is that this whole event is really last minute and is taking place
> on Thursday.  Perhaps people have these videos on youtube or some other
> online viewable format and can send me the links and then we can show them.
> Thanks,
> Andalusia
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