[TheThinkTank] selling bikes

Mark Rehder mark at re-cycles.ca
Thu Oct 18 10:31:37 PDT 2007

On 18-Oct-07, at 10:43 AM, Liza Mattana wrote:

> if this has been answered before, can you link me to the archive  
> thread?
>    my questions is how does your org price used bikes? we've come  
> across
>    some nice older bikes (bridgestone CB-0 and an old stumpjumper),  
> and
>    we're trying to figure out a way to price them, kind of a way to
>    standardize the process.
>    we'll be turning them into commuter bikes with fenders and racks  
> and
>    making them safe and rideable, but we're not doing complete  
> overhauls. i
>    know this is a tricky question, but any advice you have will be
>    helpful!
>    thanks,
>    liza

Hi Liz,

We tend to price good bikes over $100, and the lesser ones under  
that.  Within that range much of the pricing depends on how much work  
the bike received, and its general quality.

In the case of the bikes you mention, they are not getting a full  
overhaul, but time is being spent adding racks and fenders.  If they  
are in good working order I would price them at around $100.  Too  
much more than that and some folks start making comments about the  
price of new bikes at Wallmart, which in turn I love to argue about. ;)

Much of this of course depends on how your shop operates and what  
your income streams are.  I noticed at your blog that used bikes  
sales are a low priority, whereas at our shop they are the main  
focus, and the sales account for at least 70% or our revenue (we are  
self-sustaining and receive no outside funding).

In case anyone is interested, here's how we price our bikes:

We have two categories, Overhauled and As Is.  The better quality  
bikes (alloy wheels, decent brakes, non-cottered BBs) get overhauled  
unless they are in such good shape that they don't need it.  These  
start at $100.

The lesser As Is ones (dept. store bikes, old single- and 3-speeds)  
get a safety check and anything that needs to be replaced without  
completely rebuilding it (if these bikes need too much work they are  
usually scrapped for parts).  We price these at $40 and up.


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