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I think Derailer here in denver gives its bikes away, or at least the parts to build your own bike.
I like to take dumpster finds and yard sale bargains and fix 'em up (though im not a pro) and then give them away, or sometimes sell them at cost if the bike is desireable and I had to buy parts. Its cheaper than model planes or ships in bottles.
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At Third Hand, we take in consideration the afore-mentioned quality and labor but generally two savy mechanics say what they'd pay for the bike if they wanted it and I price it at the average of the two quotes. Its fair, quick and easy.  
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great idea, beth 

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We do someithing at Velocipede that I like. Even though we do try to setthe price of the bike using all the factors people have mentioned, I also like to ask people interested in the bike how much they want to pay.  Ifthey say something ridiculously low, I'll give them a counter offer thatis more reasonable, but still with in their means.  This works for us for now because our overhead is still so low.I came to this method just cause I never know what to charge for bikes,and never have the time to do the research on each bike to find out.  Ialso like how it throws people for a loop and emphasizes that we are here to make bikes available to the public and while the money helps us to keepdoing that, it is not our primary focus.-bethvelocipede bike projectbaltimore , md> I actually can't remember if I've answered this question before... > Here goes:> At the Bike Church in Santa Cruz, bikes are sold either 'as is' (no> wrenching done, although it is important to remember that we all spend a> lot> of time and intellectual labor GETTING the bike onto a hook in the shop) > or> as a mechanic's pet project. 'As is' bikes are typically priced between> $15-$75 depending on all of the concerns that everyone else is posting to> the list, and how much work needs to be done to make it safe and > efficient.> Desireability also plays a role in pricing. Bikes that mechanics> (core/staff> members) work over are priced by deducting the WHOLESALE price of new> parts> put on the bike, and then splitting the remainder between the mechanic and > the shop. Thus, if a bike sells for $150, and there are $50 of new parts> on> it, the mechanic would take $50 and the shop would take $50. The mechanic> sets the asking price based on the amount of labor put in and the > desirability factors mentioned above. True, such systems do result in some> cherrypicking, so a bike has to be kicking around 'as is' for a month> before> a mechanic can take it on, and, honestly, NOONE is ever gonna get rich > fixing up busted bikes in the middle of the night, no matter how sweet the> frame is.>> At BICAS, where I am about to rush off to a collective meeting for, things> are slightly different. the 'as-is' bikes are called 'pergatory; bikes in > waiting' (which I just love) and though the factors for pricing are pretty> similar the prices tend to be a bit lower here than in Santa Cruz (the> bikes, overall, are a bit more toward the huffy side though; in Santa Cruz > we turn those back at the gate, no room, no desire to haul other peoples> metal recycling, whereas BICAS has a lot more room and need for all types> of, uh, 'bikes'). At BICAS the 'floor bikes' (those that a mechanic has > gone> over) include in the price the RETAIL value of new parts, the 'as-is'> value> of the bike, and a designation for labor. The labor part is a little> unclear> policy-wise, as the mechanic approximates the amount of labor that went > into> the bike, but is paid as an an employee (each staff member is allocated> 4hrs> of paid work/week to wrench on floor bikes, and if it is slow in the shop> staff can work on them then too). This is the main difference from the > Bike> Church, where all of the core mechanics are independent contractors> (convenient for income taxes as well as being the actual truth of how> tasks> are accomplished).> Sorry that was kinda lenghty; I hope it is helpful. > ride prone but ride proud,> kyle>>>From: "Liza Mattana" <pedals2people at gmail.com >>>Reply-To: The Think Tank < thethinktank at lists.bikecollectives.org> >>To: "The Think Tank" <thethinktank at lists.bikecollectives.org>>>Subject: [TheThinkTank] selling bikes >>Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 07:43:13 -0700>>>>if this has been answered before, can you link me to the archive thread?>>>>    my questions is how does your org price used bikes? we've come across >>    some nice older bikes (bridgestone CB-0 and an old stumpjumper), and>>    we're trying to figure out a way to price them, kind of a way to>>    standardize the process.>>>>    we'll be turning them into commuter bikes with fenders and racks and>>    making them safe and rideable, but we're not doing complete>> overhauls.>>i>>    know this is a tricky question, but any advice you have will be >>    helpful!>>>>    thanks,>>    liza>>>>>>-->>Liza Mattana>> www.pedals2people.org>>Spokane, WA>>_______________________________________________>>Thethinktank mailing list>> Thethinktank at lists.bikecollectives.org >>http://lists.bikecollectives.org/listinfo.cgi/thethinktank-bikecollectives.org >>> _______________________________________________ > Thethinktank mailing list> Thethinktank at lists.bikecollectives.org> http://lists.bikecollectives.org/listinfo.cgi/thethinktank-bikecollectives.org >_______________________________________________Thethinktank mailing listThethinktank at lists.bikecollectives.orghttp://lists.bikecollectives.org/listinfo.cgi/thethinktank-bikecollectives.org -- PJ Parkhttp://www.biketobrazil.blogspot.com http://www.imagestation.com/members/pjpark http://picasaweb.google.com/PaulJosephPark _______________________________________________Thethinktank mailing listThethinktank at lists.bikecollectives.orghttp://lists.bikecollectives.org/listinfo.cgi/thethinktank-bikecollectives.org 
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