[TheThinkTank] HELP! non-profit/insurance questions

Mario Bruzzone mario.bruzzone at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 22:48:49 PDT 2007

Danny, as far as #2 for legitimate shops, yes, and it has happened with fair
regularity. The most prominent example I can think of is the (failed)
lawsuit against Walmart a year or two ago--even though the bikes in Walmart
are often critically defective. Off the top of my head, there was also a
rider who sued a shop in Santa Fe for a quick-release issue.

Mostly, though, these lawsuits never make the news because they don't make
it to trial.

Mario Bruzzone
Bike Kitchen
San Francisco

On 10/23/07, danny wood rocknroll lazer <abortone at graffiti.net> wrote:
> i am a collective member of Krank It Up! in tallahassee, florida, and
> we're negotiating some possibly big (and possibly very rash and uninformed)
> changes.
> i have some questions for the listserve-
> 1) are there any other collective/community bike shops that have ever
> decided against going official nonprofit 501c3, or decided to put it off?
> 2) have there EVER been ANY community bike shops that have ever been sued
> by an injured cyclist or their family/insurance company, perhaps for
> allowing people to build janky bikes?  has anyone ever heard of any bike
> shop at all (even traditional, for-profit ones) being sued for a customer
> getting hurt while out riding?
> my guess is that the answer to 2 is no; my hope is that the answer to 1 is
> yes.
> thanks!
> -danny
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