[TheThinkTank] how do you track shop activity?

Mario Bruzzone mario.bruzzone at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 12:01:39 PDT 2007

Hi Rachel--

At the Bike Kitchen in SF, we've started experimenting with a computer-based
log-in system. It's basically a web-based database program, and it lets us
track earn-a-bike hours, volunteer hours, how often each person uses the
shop, etc. All data is optional for everyone who comes in for a day, so that
(hopefully) no one will be intimidated by the computer.

The basic procedure is that someone comes in for the day, and a greeter
signs them in. We take name and zip codes for non-members; members show up
as members and are waived through.

I'm just a user of the system, but I know the model was to have it be
open-sourced and available for other shops when it's ready for bigger
deployment. I can put you in touch with people who know more if you (or
anyone else) is interested in learning more.

Mario Bruzzone

Bike Kitchen (SF)

On 10/1/07, rachael spiewak <rachael at sopobikes.org> wrote:
> Hello, friends.
> We've created a shop sign in sheet, which is great for capturing some
> numbers, like how many people come through the shop during a particular
> session, how many were volunteers, how many were kids, etc.  What I'm having
> trouble tracking is the number of unique people accessing the shop over a
> period of time.  In other words, I don't know how to factor out repeat
> participants when I start adding up numbers from session to session.  Has
> anyone developed a good system for tracking shop activity?  What kind of
> information do you ask for on your sign in sheet?  Do you have another
> system, like tagging the bikes and having tags collected when people
> complete their projects?
> Thanks!
> rachael
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