[TheThinkTank] 1023 forms:ATTN BIKE KITCHEN AND SOPO

Ariel raymon bikefarm at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 10:22:12 PDT 2007

 Dearest Kylie,

How are you? Its so nice to feel connected to you through this much larger
community of people. SO we just got our website up and running. You should
check us out.... www.bikefarm.org. There's pics up of the workparty! its all
very exciting. Thanks for all the stuff on concensus. I'm hoping to have a
workshop on it before our shop opens, but it'd be really cool if when you
came to visit (if you do sometime soon) you could teach a workshop. We're
hoping to start wrenching in the space Dec 1!. We're having all these
benefit events to try to get the money to buy tools and stuff, but our tools
are gonna cost us somewhere around 1200 bucks! ah.... we're planning 2 shows
and an afterparty for the halloween alleycat at my house..
I wish you could see it all.. We even had someone ELSE facilitate our
meeting last night.... anyway, I hope you're well...I'll be in AZ I think
from the 22nd to the 30th of Dec. SO hopefully we'll be in Tempe like 3 days
and then Tuscon like 3 days.... we gotta figure it out... let me know how
you are.
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