[TheThinkTank] spam on the wiki...

Jay Varner jay at sopobikes.org
Sun Oct 14 10:23:32 PDT 2007

Thanks to Scott at Sopo, a mechanism has been installed to help
control SPAM on the wiki. Please let us know if there are any problems
with general legit usage. To avoid having to prove you are not a
robot, you can create an account.

On 10/12/07, veganboyjosh at gmail.com <veganboyjosh at gmail.com> wrote:
> hey everyone,
> i just dropped by the wiki on bikecollectives.org, to check out what's new,
> and it seems there's quite a bit of spam that's been added to some articles.
> i dunno enough about editing, or changing articles, but if you do, and you
> have some time to fix that, it'd be greatly appreciated.
> also, if someone who can code some sort of spam filter/captcha interface
> into the editing login thing, that'd be swell, as well.
> thanks.
> josh.
> community cycles, boulder, co
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