[TheThinkTank] Help!! Community Cycles has a Wheel Problem

Mark Rehder mark at re-cycles.ca
Tue Oct 16 01:06:12 PDT 2007

Hi everyone,

This is my first post to the list.  I'm the Director at the re-Cycles  
Bicycle Co-op in Ottawa, and volunteer Chris Wells has posted to this  
list.  http://re-cycles.ca

We always have an overflow of wheels, especially 27"s!   But with our  
surplus of wheels we always seem to have a shortage of decent rear  

We are fortunate to have a separate storage room, so the steel wheels  
go up there, and the alloys stay in the shop.  Any steel ones that  
have rust or need too much work are condemned to the scrap pile, and  
we have absolutely no guilt about sending these off to be recycled  
(especially if they are the almost-never-asked-for 24" size).  We  
keep some 20"s and 16"s for trailer projects, and of course good 26 x  
1 3/8 (ISO 590) are always needed for the old 3-speeds.

Alloy wheels of course can't have any dents, and if they have rusty  
galvanized spokes they will often get scrapped.  Again, they'll get  
turned into other metal products when recycled, so we don't get too  
worked up about this.  Otherwise we'd be buried in wheels, and  
speaking of that...

We were recently contacted by a retired fellow that had closed his  
bike shop and wanted to donate his leftover inventory to us.  The  
bulk of this inventory consists of 60 wheels, most in new condition!  
Fortunately for us, the above-mentioned Chris has an empty covered  
trailer on his property and is going to put all the wheels in there  
and then gradually bring them to our shop as needed.  We will  
gleefully recycle any alloy wheels we've kept lying around that need  
too much work (missing axles and / or cones) to make room for these.

One way we get rid of surplus mtn. bike wheels (and tires) is to  
donate them to an org. that sends them overseas.  See: http://www.re- 


On 11-Oct-07, at 5:42 PM, Rich Points wrote:

> Collectives,
> Community Cycles in Boulder has a wheel problem, I'm guessing your  
> bike
> collective does too.  Do you have too many wheels?  How do you manage
> them?  We're about to recycle a bunch of good wheels that we don't  
> have
> room for.  How can we put them to use?
> Help
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> Rich Points
> Community Cycles Director
> http://CommunityCycles.org
> Rich at CommunityCycles.org
> 720-565-6019
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