[TheThinkTank] Bike Collective Demographics

Chris Wells re-cycles at rogers.com
Thu Oct 25 11:35:59 PDT 2007

--- Austin Amos <conveyweigh at gmail.com> wrote:

> My garage is full of bikes in different states of disrepair.
> Most need tires and tubes, repairs, etc...
> To the prior owner the cost of the needed repairs outweighed the
> value and
> they were discarded.
> Outside of Walmart (China) where do you buy tubes / tires?

In order of frequency at our shop:
1) Scavenged from other discarded bikes (we patch a lot of tubes)
2) Donated by a local green outdoor coop org (in our case MEC, perhaps
your have an REI or similar nearby)
3) Used donations from local bike shops
4) Purchased at a hefty discount from a local bike shop

> How do you prevent a carbon footprint on your consumables?

Most of them are donated. We use a biodegradable degreaser (bio-cycle).


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