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Mark Rehder mark at drumbent.com
Tue Oct 30 20:07:09 PDT 2007

On 30-Oct-07, at 3:45 PM, Velocipede Bike Project wrote:

>>> recycled as metal scrap (and now that our local MEC store takes our
>>> dead tires for recycling our garbage now is mainly old seats and
>>> other plastic bits).
> that's a question for you guys... what do you do with your old dry  
> rotted
> tires?  We can't find anyone that will take them in baltimore.  I  
> found
> one place that would charge a dollar a pound to  recycle them,  
> obviously
> not an option for us.......
> Any ideas about who to talk to and what to do with them if not?   
> The only
> reuse idea I've had is to make potts out of them which would be time
> consuming, and only use afew......
> Beth
> Velocipede Bike Project
> Baltimore, MD

Before MEC stated taking them from us we just had to throw them out,  
because the only other place that would take them charged $1.50 PER  
tire!  (MEC pays the processing fee and absorbs the cost as part of  
their community outreach budget).

So as you can see, we couldn't find a good use for them either, but  
we do save innertubes!  We cut the valves out and give them away as  
bungee cords / tie-downs.  They are great for securing things because  
they rarely slip once knotted.  And if the knot is too tight to undo  
you simply cut it away and your tie-down is now a few inches  
shorter.  Big deal - when it finally gets too short your shop will  
always have a supply of replacements.  ;)


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