[TheThinkTank] do you have an internship program? details please!

kyle mckinley bicirider at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 17:06:15 PDT 2007

Racchel and all-
It's 5 pm on the 31st and still got no costume, so I'll be more brief
than usual.
BICAS just got a slew (slough?) of interns from a local
independent/charter highschool.
Similarly, these folks are pre-disposed to a radical worldview, and
most of them have been hanging around BICAS for some time. We are
trying to integrate them into our core collective by requesting that,
in addition to the projects that they work on, they come to
collective/staff meetings. They get the same consensus rights as any
other staff at the meetings, and we are trying to brainstorm ideas for
how to most effectively hear their ideas. We intend for the interns to
start a 'youth subcommitee' that would also have regular meeting
times, and might function as a more permanent way to give youth an
active role in BICAS decisionmaking.
That said, things are off to a little bit of a rocky start. Plus, when
BICAS had interns before, I heard that things didn't go all that well.
So I'm really interested to hear how things go with the intern at
SoPo, and any ideas that you might have for us.
more soon,

On 10/31/07, rachael spiewak <rachael at sopobikes.org> wrote:
> Hi, friends.
> Sopo just got its first intern, an 11th grader with an anti-authoritarian
> outlook who's ready to learn how to alter power structures (his words, I
> swear!).  We're all kinds of thrilled about creating a radical internship
> program for him, and we want him to get the most out of the experience.  I'm
> working on the structure end of things.  His school didn't supply us with
> any parameters (the idea is to spend time at some nonprofit of your choice
> and write a few review papers).  I'm wondering:
> if you offer internships at your shop, what kind of structure do you use?
> if you have experience with radical internships, can you share a little bit
> about that with us?Thanks!
> rachael
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