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Beth you are Crazy!  and I hope you stay that way sane people are so  boring.
Blue book bicycle pricing is the same as pricing a house. A bike in one  
market will bring a different price in a different market. A three bedroom  
Victorian house in the middle of a corn field will bring a different price in  down 
town Chicago, Boston, San Francisco.
Some markets have fads they go though. The west coast has a mini fad of old  
TT super bikes from the 1980's ( does anyone remember the 24" front 700c or 
28"  rear wheeled bikes? I have two of them. Fast and painful to the neck. 
New and used cars are kept at superficial price by nation wide dealer  
networks, New bikes are under the same control from the manufactures, Used bikes  
are not sold buy most shops so they are priced at what the local market will  
A car is also priced by mileage, All car have odometers All bikes do not.  
Hard to tell how many miles are on the bike. 
Hard to swap out drive train in a car, easy to replace  derailleurs, chain, 
cogs, chain rings, wheels.
Cars that are modified are discounted at the dealers and sell better on the  
open market. Bikes that are upgraded are no big deal because all used bike are 
 sold on the open market.
I say go for it, There were blue books in the past for bicycles and you can  
do anything you put your mind to. It is also a big project with no end and  
constant updating. 
The BIO cleaner is a ball of wax,  it is good to use Bio solvents  (citrus 
oils or Detergents like Simple Green, Dawn) then filter the water and  put a oil 
filters in a enzyme bath that will eat up the oil. I have not  seen enzymes 
that work fast enough to clean a chain in 10 minutes. I do know  enzymes will 
chew up oil over time in a barrel out  back.

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