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We keep our records as slim as possible, because we are lazy. We keep a
ledger in which all finished bike sales are entered. it consists of:

*Description of the bike* - for our own reference.
*How much it went for* - we use this to figure out how much of our income
comes from donations and how much from bike sales. (whatever is not a sale,
was a donation)
*Serial number *-  In case we need to prove that we do not sell stolen

A recent addition:  If one our volunteers built up the bike, it has a For
Sale tag, which we keep after the transaction, almost like a receipt. it
also contains: details on what condition the bike was in, who built it, who
safety checked it. at the end of the day all of the days 'receipts' go into
an envelope, so using the ledger as reference, it should be possible to dig
up the receipt with all the specifics.

Anibal, Bikepirate

On Feb 15, 2008 2:13 PM, Rich Points <rich at richpoints.com> wrote:

>  We have a daily facilitator sheet that tracks all kinds of stuff.  This
> document has been revised 3 or 4 times in the past year and is due for
> another revision.
> See attached.
> Rich
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> Jonathan Morrison wrote:
> For those of you that do it, how do you do it?  What information do you or
> don't you record?
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