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As a 30 year old 5'-10" male I have recently fallen back in love with the
BMX bike.
I first dabbled with the bike because of the simplicity - single speed,
coaster brake.
Now it is the perfect balance for an in town commuter option.
I forgot to mention that the bike I have came with a "layback" seat post
which allows my knees extra handlebar clearance.

I suggest the following:
1)  Provide education on the different types of frames available and the
advantages of each.
2)  Ultimately it should be the decision of the volunteer based on your
availability of stock.
3)  Do not squash their interest now, let them have the BMX
4)  Because they may then come back later for a commuter bike or service


On 2/18/08, Rich Points <rich at richpoints.com> wrote:
> Collectives,
> We work with the Boulder County Jail's work release program where inmates
> begin the program at our shop and Earn-A-Bike.  This past weekend we did a
> bunch of work in our storage where we keep kids bikes.  Three of the work
> release guys, in their late twenties and early thirties, found BMX bikes
> they wanted to keep as their Earn-A-Bike.  Our response was to discourage
> this as we generally try to set people up with commuter style bikes.  I
> especially tried to discourage the six foot two guy from choosing a BMX.
> We're aware that *some *people are more than happy to commute by BMX but
> believe that won't work for most people.  So the question is should we allow
> the work release guys to choose any bike they want regardless of the
> practicality?  Are we being elitist bike snobs to make this decision for
> them?  Should we just be happy we got them back on a bike?
> Feedback is appreciated.
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