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you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

i know i've spent halves of hours extolling the virtues of a solid,
mid-range road frame with cruiser bars for yr average commuter, only to
sell a forty-pound mountain bike with full suspension and 26x2.75
knobbies.  for commuting.  in chicago.

people will ride what they will ride.  at least they're riding.

- -bB

p.s.: and even if they're not riding, and they just want bmx bikes b/c
those are hot commodities that flip easily, hell, you've just encouraged

Rich Points wrote:
| Collectives,
| We work with the Boulder County Jail's work release program where
| inmates begin the program at our shop and Earn-A-Bike.  This past
| weekend we did a bunch of work in our storage where we keep kids bikes.
| Three of the work release guys, in their late twenties and early
| thirties, found BMX bikes they wanted to keep as their Earn-A-Bike.  Our
| response was to discourage this as we generally try to set people up
| with commuter style bikes.  I especially tried to discourage the six
| foot two guy from choosing a BMX.
| We're aware that /some /people are more than happy to commute by BMX but
| believe that won't work for most people.  So the question is should we
| allow the work release guys to choose any bike they want regardless of
| the practicality?  Are we being elitist bike snobs to make this decision
| for them?  Should we just be happy we got them back on a bike?
| Feedback is appreciated.
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