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>  At velocipede we are still struggling with the kid issue.  We basically
>> have banned kid's from the shop unless they have someone with them to
>> supervise them.  We help kid's sometimes when we can and if they are
>> respectful....this is not our ideal situation, but it doesn't seem to be
>> another way with out making ourselves crazy.  We tried having a kid's day
>> a long time ago but it didn't work out too well.  Hopefully in the future
>> we can get funding to have a kid's specific day....
>> However we have gotten good at dealing with "Jockish" volunteers.  What
>> has really helped with that is...
>> 1. having a greeter and volunteer coordinator so people are met at the
>> door, given the speil and then sent to someone to get a task or assigned a
>> stand....I can't stress how helpful this is!!
>> 2.  Making sure that people do volunteer hours before they work on their
>> own bike
>> 3.  having a women/trans mechanic night.
>> We do have to occasionally pull people aside and talk to them about when
>> was the last time they put in some volunteer hours...but if people are met
>> at the door and start off on the right foot, then there usually isn't
>> problems....
>> -beth
>> velocipede bike project
>> baltimore, md
>>  What UBP is doing about similar issues, The Outline:
>>> 1. No EAB's during regular shop hours
>>> 2. One or two people assigned to work with kids, in a specific area if
>>> possible.
>>> 3. Kids with minor repairs get help first, then the bigger projects.
>>> 4. Volunteers get assigned specific tasks/roles (read: idiot proof) with
>>> specific guidelines
>>> 5. Too many cooks in the kitchen? Have excess volunteers sign up for
>>> another
>>> day.
>>> What UBP is doing about similar issues, The Ramble:
>>> UBP is just coming off of our youth ban tonight after some thefts. Before
>>> the ban we were, like you, struggling to help kids with EAB as well as
>>> helping adults that come into the shop.  It didn't work. At all.  Adults
>>> would leave because there were so many rowdy kids and kids would just,
>>> well,
>>> be kids.  Putting a number cap on kids didn't work because they wheedled
>>> their way in anyway (wouldn't you?) and by the end of the night the shop
>>> was
>>> overrun.
>>> We like Sopo's idea of having one designated person to work with kids and
>>> them having their own tool kit and work space.  We also recognize that
>>> doing
>>> EAB and open shop at the same time is impossible as each child needs
>>> constant supervision/guidance and a structured environment to learn
>>> effectively.  EAB is on hold/stopped until we come up with something more
>>> meaningful and concrete.
>>> There will be a triage of sorts when youth come to the shop. The first
>>> bikes
>>> fixed are the ones that have the best chance of being completed (flats,
>>> popped chains, bar/brake adjusts) and then with whatever time is left we
>>> can
>>> work on the baskets.  No matter how badly the kids NEED to ride their
>>> bike
>>> home that night (which they all do...) we help with the basic repairs
>>> first.  Kids that aren't working on their bike must wait outside, which
>>> creates another issue, but at least they're not wandering around the
>>> shop/building.
>>> As far as "jockish volunteers" we have a hard time with some volunteers
>>> doing all the work on peoples bikes. There's nothing you can do other
>>> than
>>> constantly stressing that your goal is to teach and their hand shouldn't
>>> be
>>> holding the wrench.  Call them out if you must, usually it still goes
>>> over
>>> their heads, try assigning them to other tasks. We also have experienced
>>> a
>>> surge of "volunteers" lately.  The reason that's in quotes is because
>>> these
>>> people show up to hang out, work on their own bikes and bring more
>>> "volunteers" with them.  I've found that these people are
>>> To deal with this we've gotten specific about our volunteer roles.  There
>>> is
>>> a Greeter, One Mechanic per workstand, Head Mechanic, Youth
>>> Mentor/Helper,
>>> Back Room Help and Back Room Supervisor.  Each of these positions is
>>> spelled
>>> out in great detail.  When people show up to help on open shop days they
>>> get
>>> assigned a position that is appropriate.  If they're not needed and the
>>> shop
>>> is busy, they're asked to wait outside or to sign up for another day
>>> ahead
>>> of time.  That's the theory anyway....we're working on it.
>>> Good luck, this past couple months have been a wealth of relavent
>>> information on the Think Tank and I/UBP really appreciate the ability to
>>> learn and share ideas with other organizations, big and small.
>>> Brian Windle
>>> On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 3:24 AM, <jirs0004 at umn.edu> wrote:
>>>  Bike theft lead the Grease Pit to close the shop to kids for two weeks
>>>> the
>>>> end of last summer. When 15 bikes were stolen by kids who we were
>>>> helping,
>>>> but could not identify by name or face later we knew that something
>>>> needed
>>>> to change. The week long session of meetings lead to a shop manual to
>>>> help
>>>> us understand how to focus and think of ways to earn the respect of
>>>> these
>>>> kids.
>>>> Despite all of our best efforts to learn names, focus our attention for
>>>> Earn a bike kids onto a special day, and to keep shop security tight, we
>>>> have had little success. Kids are stealing out of our donations jar and
>>>> taking bikes from under our noses.
>>>> Because our space is shared with a theatre, security needs to be tight,
>>>> but
>>>> this would leave us with too few collective members in a space that is
>>>> already over-run with people needing help.
>>>> While all of this is going on we are also experiencing a mass of
>>>> volunteers
>>>> who are bike jock-ish and act as if the shop is theirs. In order to help
>>>> maximize the shop accessibility and friendliness, we need to figure out
>>>> a
>>>> solution and proto.
>>>> Question 1: How can we give kids the attention they need while not
>>>> limiting
>>>> the number of commuters that we are helping? (as they are already
>>>> discouraged by the lack of assistance and excessive quantity of kids in
>>>> the
>>>> shop)
>>>> Question 2: How can we effectively utilize our volunteers without
>>>> constantly monitoring them and having to call them out or hear about
>>>> them
>>>> later?
>>>> I would also like to know what success orgs have had with limiting the
>>>> number of kids in the shop.
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