[TheThinkTank] Non-collective Members opening the shop.

plan_9 at riseup.net plan_9 at riseup.net
Wed Jul 9 08:51:27 PDT 2008

We have recently been approached by, for no better descriptor,  
hipsters, asking if they could have a "fixed gear/SS" day on a day  
when we are not open. They are interested in doing tune-ups and  
modifications on their own bikes and are somewhat competent and  
autonomous mechanics. We don't really have any collective members that  
are willing or able to staff another shift beyond what we are already  
open. We know some of these folks pretty well on a personal, outside  
of the shop level, but not too many have been active volunteers.  
Basically we trust some of them and would like to make the shop  
available to them but am not sure as to how to do it equitably. We  
have opened the shop to special groups before (at-risk youth groups,  
etc) but always staffed by a willing and able collective member. Do  
any shops make exceptions for folks like this? How do you make sure  
that things are getting paid for, tools being used properly, random  
folks stopping by being respected, etc. without having a collective  
member in the place? Any problems from shops that have done this?
FM Community Bicycle Workshop

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