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Rich Points rich at richpoints.com
Fri Jul 11 14:37:28 PDT 2008


That said we're trying to use our volunteers better at Community 
Cycles.  Late last winter we put up a volunteer form on our website 
http://communitycycles.org/get-involved/volunteer.html  Since then we've 
had 73 people fill it out, of those I'd say less than five of them have 
plugged in once or twice at the shop or anywhere else. 

I know things would go a lot smoother if we had a volunteer coordinator 
to help oversee this.   We're still looking for this person so in the 
meantime the staff and a few volunteers do what they can to keep up.  
We've checked out this 
http://communitycycles.org/get-involved/volunteer.html which is great 
advice but making it happen is another thing.

We're going to have a retreat soon to discuss volunteering at Community 
Cycles.  I have some specific things I'd like to explore during this 
retreat but wanted to start here with the Think Tank first.

    * How do we improve the quality and experience of the EAB program?
    * How can we instill ownership/responsibility in our volunteers?
    * How do we engage new volunteers?
    * How do we plug people into specific time slots?
    * How can we use volunteers to relieve stress on staff?
    * How do we best develop and implement an effective volunteer handbook?

I could go on but those are the kinds of things we're trying to figure 

So I ask the Think Tank what your experiences have been with 
volunteering and volunteers.



Rich Points
Community Cycles Director
Rich at CommunityCycles.org

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