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Mark Rehder mark at re-cycles.ca
Wed Jul 2 13:47:53 PDT 2008

I'll admit we do look for reasons to scrap steel wheels, otherwise  
we'd drown in them, and yes, if bad enough they'll just waste a  
customer's time in terms of bad performance and trying to service  
them. But if one is straight and rust-free it is kept, even though we  
have more than we need, as it seems a crime to scrap a perfectly good  

The excess mtn. bike wheels are saved for donation to Bicycles For  
Humanity (http://www.bicycles-for-humanity.org/Ottawa/index.php),  
along with the knobby tires most urban riders don't want.  Steel 27s  
are kept mainly for those diehard older guys that want to keep their  
barely working Raleigh Gran Sport alive.

We have the same criteria for the 590s, and we have maybe one 597 any  
given time, as there are far fewer Schwinns up here, and lots more  
CCM and Canadian Tire Supercycles, which either use 590 or Cdn.  
28" (700C).  We currently have enough used 590 tires in stock, but  
few tubes, and have found a 559 mtn. tube can be stretched to fit.

BTW, we do not sell new parts and accessories.  We have purchased new  
tires for use on our overhaul bikes if used ones are not available.   
But if a customer needs / wants a brand new tire we tell them to go  
to MEC or a local bike shop, as we do not compete with them.


On 2-Jul-08, at 4:34 PM, kyle mckinley wrote:

> depending on the socio-economic climate that your shop is in, there  
> are likely to be a lot of used 650 a/c tires floating around at  
> LBSs. I know that they get donated to BICAS all the time b/c there  
> are a number of smaller roadies out there who take their bikes to  
> nice shops for tune-ups and new rubber. In towns with a lot of  
> serious mountain biking enthusiasts I imagine that 650b tires will  
> begin to be donated in the same manner. I think that it is a good  
> idea to keep a sock of these around. If you can't find used ones  
> though... swapping to 26" does seem in order.
> On a similar thread; BICAS uses tons of 26x1 3/8" wheels in both  
> the EA3 (590 mm) and Schwinn (597 mm) sizes. It almost always means  
> selling folks new tires ($10/each) b/c there are never decent used  
> 26x 1 3/8" tires. At the bike church we always sent all those  
> wheels to the metal recycling, for lack of space. While it is nice  
> to send less stuff to the furnace, most of those old schwinn wheels  
> are such total crap that folks are back all the time with broken  
> spokes or frozen hubs... what do your shops do? Is it better to  
> reuse a wheel that will serve fairly poorly and require buying new  
> tires or recycle it to take it out of circulation? The question is  
> rather narrow, but is, I think, emblematic of two tendencies that  
> run through our projects... that of reusing and that of cycle- 
> advocacy... that I think we would do well to better understand.
> hope all are well,
> kyle
> On Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 8:46 AM, Matt <mattface at gmail.com> wrote:
> Put 26" wheels on it if you can make the brakes reach, and sell the  
> 650b wheels on ebay or to some local geek looking to build up a  
> Porteur bike.
> On Jul 2, 2008, at 10:19 AM, Urban Bike Project Wilmington, DE wrote:
>> Someone at UBP on Saturday was having big problems changing out  
>> some dry rotted tires on a Schwinn MTB/hybrid that had been  
>> donated. Come to find out (after repeatedly trying to fit any size  
>> decimal or fraction 26" on there) that corrosion on the rim was  
>> hiding a little stamped "650B" mark on it.  The cheapest 650B tire  
>> on harris is $25 and i'm not sure the bike shop we get our parts  
>> from would be any less expensive.  The bike is in great condition  
>> other than the tires but $50 is about what we would sell it for.   
>> Should we swap the 650B rims for 26's? I would hate for someone to  
>> ruin a tire and have to wait a week for something to get ordered  
>> online or at a bike shop.
>> Here's my question to the group....What do you do with perfectly  
>> usable oddball bikes/parts that aren't particularly cool or  
>> collectable?  Think the "fancy parts" thread of last year but with  
>> solid stuff that sits around gathering dust...
>> Brian
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