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(I think) the best way to look for a new space is:
brainstorm your ideal spacedecide what things you absolutely must have (i.e. storage space, a storefront, bathroom)what things do those who access your shop need (i.e access or proximity to public transportation, an area to stow their shit away while they're at your shop)consider visibility - you want people to be able to find youhow long do you envision being in your new space - will you need room to grow? short-term, long-term?how much space do you really need -consider what the shop needs as far as storage, workspace
How much rent can you afford or can you get free/permanent space from the city, a donor...someone elseetc., etc. etc.Prioritize all the shit you come up with -again what you must have vs what would make the shop really kick-ass, but maybe you can live w/o for a while.

Considering all that, just start looking and when you find a place you like, make sure you have a landlord and neighbors that don't suck. 

i don't know what your place is like, but ours gets slammed with people and sometimes we end up overflowing outside into the parking area or just have tons of people talking, music playing, tools banging. we're obviously not the quietest and some of our neighbors love us, but some of our neighbors "really love us" and bitch to the landlord abt bla,blabla, these bike kids and blablabla.  We def had to make a few changes to fit into the "neighborhood".

Of course, we've found that you can get pretty creative in a space that kinda sucks.

if you have most of the "gotta-haves" (like being right off a pretty busy bike path or decently high ceilings or a bathroom in the shop...that works) and you got at least 1 friend/ volunteer who used to do construction (and maybe another friend/ volunteer who's an electrician)...then life is pretty good.

Hope you find a great place! 1da - aka Wanda at CommunityCycles.org - Community Cycles

PS. when you're ready to move, invite all your friends/volunteers to bring out their trailers- whatever they use to haul -and have a moving party ...literally. 

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Subject: [TheThinkTank] New Space?

Hello All

Bike Pirates in Toronto has come across a problem.

We are looking for a new space and was wondering if any organizations out there have any lists of things to look for in a new space for a volunteer cooperative DIY bike space.

We have so many volunteers and no way to communicate out problem.

We have always had storage issues.

Our fine issue is with operating time, once we were restricted by our landlord to two days and now are free to open whenever.

Every insight will help and thank you for all.

Toronto, Canada
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