[TheThinkTank] People interested in New Hampshire collective - BikeBike NE?

andrewsawtelle at riseup.net andrewsawtelle at riseup.net
Mon Jul 21 21:55:03 PDT 2008

A Northeast Bike!Bike would be a great idea. Maybe some time in April, to
space things out? I personally don't plan to be in SF this September, but
I hope some people from Rhode Island will go out there. It would
definitely be a smaller undertaking than a full Bike!Bike, so some groups
(coughbikesnotbombscoughtimesupcoughwhoeverelsecough) might be willing to
be the hub that keeps all the spokes together. I'll mention this to our

recycle-a-bike, providence ri

andrew L. wrote:
> I would love to be at BikeBike this year personally (and collectively) -
> was there last year and it was amazingly inspiring and useful! - but SF
> is not seeming like a reality for us (Troy Bike Rescue - Troy, NY) and
> September is creeping up quickly.
> I know there is a Southeast BikeBike in the works for January and I
> wonder if spring time should not bring a Northeast version ??
> I still think an annual national conference is important, but regional
> meetups could be more bike-to-able destinations that more collective
> members and volunteers could more easily attend.
> just throwing this idea out, and could have missed a previous discussion
> on the matter, but would love to hear thoughts.
> Andrew Lynn
> http://troybikerescue.org
> veganboyjosh at gmail.com wrote:
>> eric,
>> i highly suggest one or both of you come to bikebike! this year.  it's
>> motivating, inspiring, informative, and just all around awesome. you'll
>> meet like minded folks who are in all stages of forming/running
>> collectives, and you'll pick up invaluable contacts and awesome friends.
>> check out www.bikebike.org <http://www.bikebike.org> if you haven't
>> already.
>> josh.
>> community cycles, boulder.
>> On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 6:35 PM, Colleen Mahoney <mahoneco at earthlink.net
>> <mailto:mahoneco at earthlink.net>> wrote:
>>     I'm looking for people interested in forming a New Hampshire bike
>>     collective, in the greater Manchester area. The idea is nascent but
>>     the need is there. To the best of my knowledge to closest bike
>>     collectives are in Boston but there is a lot of potential to start
>>     something both good and fun here. Drop a line to the ThinkTank if
>>     interested. There is currently no specific time frame and I'm more
>>     interested in substance than speed.
>>     Looking forward to hearing from ... well ... anyone.
>>     Eric Baxter
>>     Colleen & Eric Baxter
>>     mahoneco at earthlink.net <mailto:mahoneco at earthlink.net>
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