[TheThinkTank] your org's policy on working with kids?

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no worries. if you found it helpful, perhaps someone else out there might as

another option that we explored but abandoned after the "the more we do, the
more we're liable" talk was looking into what the local school district's
policy is, and following that, but most school districts do have pretty
strict guidelines, in addition to record keeping guidelines, which some
shops may find too much oversight for not a lot of return in security.

On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 6:56 PM, Steve Klassen <sklassen at mac.com> wrote:

> Wow, that is actually quite helpful advice.  We never thought of the angle
> of 2:1 but it makes sense once you said it.Steve
> p.s. might be worth posting to the listserve but since it is your answer I
> will leave that to your discretion
> On 1-Feb-09, at 7:12 PM, veganboyjosh at gmail.com wrote:
> hi steve,
> my original email got a few general responses, but i think the thread ended
> up officially hijacked.
> we've got an attorney on our board, and some of the best advice he's
> brought to the table has been when he points out in cases like this that the
> more we try to cover ourselves, the worse things will be for us if something
> bad does end up happening.
> for now, our policy is something to the effect of "youth involved in any
> activities hosted by or at community cycles shall be chaperoned by no less
> than two adults at all times." this is in addition to staff youth workers
> all being subject to a background check prior to working with any youth.
> that's about as tight as we can make it without getting into background
> checks for every volunteer, or everyone comes into the shop, etc...
> hope that helps.
> josh.
> On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 1:27 PM, Steve Klassen <sklassen at mac.com> wrote:
>> HI, Josh, did you get any responses to your query?We have had lots of
>> challenges
>> Our plan is to involve some interested people form Big Brothers to help us
>> create a better setup for young volunteers
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>> On 16-Jan-09, at 12:22 AM, veganboyjosh at gmail.com wrote:
>> we're hard at work on Community Cycles' shop manual, and we're wondering
>> if any of you have any formal policies for shop volunteers and/or staff that
>> you'd feel like sharing. i'm imagining something to the effect of "at least
>> two staff must be present when kids are around..." or something like that.
>> on a somewhat related note, have any of you had any experience with
>> someone--staff, volunteer, customer, etc--being inappropriate around kids,
>> (aside from normal bad language..) that you had to deal with a parent for?
>> i'd be interested in hearing about that experience...
>> thanks!
>> josh.
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