[TheThinkTank] Thethinktank Digest, Vol 30, Issue 11

Clifford McCarten director at communitybikeshop.org
Mon Feb 9 15:46:32 PST 2009

Two semi-related questions:

How do you folks deal with it when it gets crazy busy? i.e., the times  
when there are more 2 people per volunteer mechanic, tools all over  
the place, and all (or most) of the people need step-by-step, hands-on  
Do you have a set capacity? Do you turn people down?

At B!KE, I've been starting to put together some exploded parts  
displays, along with basic steps, clear dos and don'ts, and examples  
of good or bad parts (i.e., severely pitted bottom bracket axles). Has  
anyone done this and found this helpful to your members (allowing  
people doing more self-guided learning)? Any useful discoveries made  
while building this kind of display?


Clifford McCarten
Co-Director, B!KE: The Peterborough Community Bike Shop
400 Wolfe St
Peterborough, Ontario
(705) 745-2103

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