[TheThinkTank] Women/Trans night logistics

Bike City bikecityrecyclery at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 08:21:17 PST 2009

Well, I'm as ready as I'll ever be to launch a women's/trans night
this year. I've had a great time teaching my little sisters to wrench
(who had never touched tools). Some questions:

-- How's the turn out, really? We're in a pretty small (albeit
college) town, and although I imagine all kinds of women showing up,
does it end up just one "type"? Are they decidedly social events, or
completely focused on learning, or somewhere in between?

-- Do you have regulars, or is it new people every time?

-- What kind of promotion seems to work? Are fliers sufficient?

-- Do people show up right on time, or trickle through the night? I'm
working in the project every day anyway, so if half an hour goes by
and no one's showed, I'm apt to go home (and thus severly discourage
late-comers from trying again).

-- Do you use some kind of teaching structure, or just go through each
person's bike?

-- Have further layers of discrimination been an issue? For instance
are "normal" people put off by people who "look like lesbians"? Are
trannies alienated? How do you deal with this if so?

-- Do you lock the door and let people in one-by-one? I know that
having to knock might be enough to keep someone as socially anxious as
me from coming. The other option is to run off the males who can't or
won't read a sign on the door and come in anyway. Even uncombatively,
that sounds distracting. How do you do it?

Can't think of anything else at the moment. Didn't see anything on the
wiki, so feel free to give me any advice or just a general overview.
Anything you think might be helpful.



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